!!CTGW PC Manual, Gameplay Guide and Tips!!

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!!CTGW PC Manual, Gameplay Guide and Tips!!
« on: July 26, 2014, 07:10:16 PM »
Hi guys,

Below some very useful info on how to play CTGW, PC and iPad are exactly the same, instead of clicking a mouse you tab, double tab or pinch zoom on a tablet, but the game mechanics, features and gameplay are completely identical on all platforms.

So read the manual and gameplay guides for a better understanding of the game, it is easy to learn but hard to master. ;-)


Here you can find the CTGW Manual PC version in PDF:


Gameplay Guides:

!!!!Strongly recommended for all CTGW player, read this excellent Steam play guide by Dr.Duh!!!!:


Great playing guide for Commander: The Great War at Pocket Tactics:



New Commander: The Great War gameplay video from the HistoricalGamer:


Part Two of CTGW gameplay video:



Great beginners quick gameplay advise by Dr Duh:

Don't worry, it isn't just you - the game AI is definitely a challenge. I consider myself a very experienced long-time wargamer (I was playing Avalon Hill boardgames back in the '60s) and I still got my butt kicked the first several times I tried starting the game.

So first thing is don't expect a walk in the park the first time just because you pick easy settings. Do try to learn something from each defeat though and try again. I suggest alternating back and forth between the two sides and rather than just worrying about your own moves, try to pay better attention to how the AI is playing so that next round you can try to emulate it - or better yet, understand why it plays the way it does.

Some say learning the game by starting in 1914 is easier because you don't have to handle as much in the early turns - you start out with just Serbia, then add France, and then Britain and Russia. I'm not so sure that's right though - although your unit count may be lower at the start of the 1914 campaign, every single thing you do with those units has a greatly magnified importance. The situation is still fluid. The trench lines aren't established yet so you don't start from a stalemate position and even small mistakes can doom you.

Some specific tips on starting in 1914:
1) Whichever side you're starting with, say Serbia, look at where you can make a continuous front. If you don't have enough units to fill the entire line then you're going to be in big trouble fast. Either re-evaluate where you can fall back to shorten your lines, or realize you're going to need more units to plug those holes fast. The first turn or two after mobilization, most countries are going to need to spend everything on garrison units just so they won't have holes in their lines.

2) Bends in the line, or bumps in or out - the AI will want to attack at points along your line where it can bring 3 or 4 attackers to bear on a single defender. Avoid bumps that allow 4 attackers and minimize bends where you have a unit exposed to 3 attackers. Put your stronger infantry units in those vulnerable spots if you have them. Use garrison units first in bends where they only face 1 attacker, or along straight lines where they face two if you must.

3) Try to back your line with reserves spaced along it. When you get attacked, look at the result - if the damaged unit has a white 7 or 8 strength, the best thing is probably to apply replacements (2) in place. If it is a yellow 7 or 8, or 6 or below, you want to get that unit out of the line. If there is a full strength reserve directly backing it, just swap the units - then apply replacements (only 1, since you moved). If there isn't a suitable reserve directly behind the damaged unit, look down your line - see if you can shift the damaged unit out, then shift a whole section of line down one space, all the way back up to where you can pull a reserve unit into the line. Watch the AI do these things.

4) See the AI always use its fighter units to attack one of your units before a ground attack, even though it looks like it does no damage? Try it yourself on an attack. Disappointed that it did no damage and not going to bother doing that any more? Check a defender's unit card before and after your next fighter attack - hey, it lowered the defender's efficiency by 1. So always use your fighters first on your most important attacks in a turn.

5) Order of attacking units is important. Use this order: Fighters, airships, artillery, bombers, infantry, garrison. This will maximize your damage done and minimize your casualties.
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Re: !!CTGW PC Manual, Gameplay Guide and Tips!!
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I have made pdf and .mobi versions of the gameplay guides, which I would be willing to share. Having them on a Kindle is a lot more convenient than trying to switch between browser and game!
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