Commander: The Great War Open Beta Patch 1.6.0 released!

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Commander: The Great War Open Beta Patch 1.6.0 released!
« on: November 18, 2014, 01:31:48 PM »
Hi guys,

The Commander The Great War Open Beta Patch 1.6.0 is now life on Steam and for non-Steam users available in the Matrix Members area.

You don`t need to install any previous patches!

General tips for PC and Steam:

As this is an OPEN BETA and we have so many big changes to test, if you cannot handle the occasional bug or dont feel like helping us out ironing out any bugs you can find, please DO NOT participate in the OPEN BETA TESTING.

Multiplayer games for this OPEN BETA are on the BETA server, so you CANNOT continue ongoing games you will have to swap back to the official 1.5.2 version. But please start new MP games with the 1.6.0 Open Beta Patch, as we need some help testing here.

For Steam go to your Library, right-click on the CTGW game, select Properties, tab Betas and select "beta-"

Important notes!!!:

- Verify the files before you fire up the game on Steam!!

How: Go to your Library, right-click the CTGW game, select properties, tab Local Files, select "Verify Integrity of Game Cache".

- As this is an Open Beta Patch MP games are handled by Slitherine`s Beta Servers!!

How: So you will not be able to continue ongoing MP games, but start please new MP games to test!

For non Steam PC users, you can download the CTGW 1.6.0 Open Beta Patch from the Matrix Members area, it does not matter if you purchased your game on Matrix or Slitherine it will work for both, just make sure you have your serial number by hand (in your original purchase email or printed on your DVD!

How: Go to
Select register your game (you will need your serial number), after this you can find your registerd game under "My Games". Select and click "Registered" to download the zipped patch, open and follow install instructions.

CTGW 1.6.0 Open Beta Patch Change log can be found here:

Thank you for your patience, happy testing and enjoy the game.

Kind regards,

The Lordz