INTEL GPU ONLY SYSTEMS, are until this point still NOT officially supported.

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Black screen/Missing map issues
There are 2 different problems which are known to be causing this issue:

1: You are trying to run the game on an Intel HD integrated graphics chip - the game does not officially support these (though we are looking into ways to maybe fix this). If you have one of these chips we advise waiting for the next patch.

See in system requirements: Integrated Graphic Cards such as Intel HD series are not officially supported

2: You are running the game on AMD or Nvidia hardware, but your system also has an integrated intel chip - in this situation, your computer may try to use the wrong driver, and you will get these same issues. To resolve this, you need to force the game to run on the right chip with the right driver.

For people dealing with the second situation (or if you are unsure which one applies to you), here are possible solutions:

Originally posted by dmcf:

Go to your NVIDIA control panel, select 3-D settings, then programme settings (tab to right of 'global settings'), then Add, then Browse, then go through folders to program files (may be 'program files x86' if you're on 64 bit windows like i am), then Steam, then Steam Apps, then Common, then Sovereignty, then find the Sovereignty.exe and select it.

Then under 'select graphics processor' choose NVIDIA.

Worked for me with an NVIDIA GTX 960M

P.S also make sure in 'Global settings' that the setting is "auto-select" so it doesn't muck up other programmes you're using

Originally posted by lordzimoa:
For some advice how to switch from your Intel card (that can be included in your motherboard) to an Nvidia or AMD dedicated card see here:

Changing graphics card settings to use your dedicated GPU on a Windows computer:

Just for the record as stated on the main page, INTEL GPU ONLY SYSTEMS, are until this point still NOT officially supported.

We are looking at ways to offer Intel only compatibility as well and in fact tried a few experimental fixes, but so far they caused some side effect bugs. So we have to dig some deeper.

So at the moment Intel GPU only systems are again NOT officially supported.

We are looking into a solution for this, but beware we probably need some time, as we have compatibilty problems in the way NVIDIA/AMD handles shaders compared to INTEL.

So in duo sytems, the black screen is always solvable by switching to your NVIDIA/AMD GPU as your main card. In case of any problems go here for some more explanation and how to fix this:

We will try and fins a solution for all INTEL ONLY systems, but no promises.
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