Duchess of Richmond's ball

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Duchess of Richmond's ball
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This is the full list of all people who were invited to the fomous ball in Richmond's house the evening of the 15th June 1815.

List of the invitations to the Duchess of Richmond's ball at Brussels (15th June 1815)

His Grace The Duke of Wellington, K.G., G.C.B., P.C.
H.R.H. the Prince William of Orange
H.R.H. the Prince Frederick of Orange
H.R.H. the Duke of Brunswick
H.R.H. the Hereditaty Prince of Nassau-Usingen
Prince Louis Engelbert, 6th Duc d’Arenberg
Prince Auguste d’Arenberg
Prince Pierre d'Alcàntara
The Mayor of Brussels
Duc and Duchesse de Beaufort and their daughter
Duc et Duchesse D’Ursel
Marquis et Marquise D’Assche
Comte et Comtesse D’Oultremont and their daughters
Comte et Comtesse Latour Lupin
Comte et Comtesse Marcy d’Argenteau
Comte et Comtesse de Grasiàc
Comtesse de Luiny
Comtesse de Ruilly
Baron et Baroness Van Hooghvoorst
Monsieur et Madame Van der Capellan
Baron de Herelt
Baron de Tuybe
Baron Brockhausen
General Marquess Don Miguèl de Alàva (Spanish ambassador)
General Count Pozzo di Borgo (Russian ambassador)
General Count de Sales (Piedmontese ambassador)
Major-General Baron Von Müffling (Prussian ambassador)
General Baron Vincent (Austrian ambassador)
Comte de Belgade
Comte de la Rochefoucauld
General d’Oudenarde
Colonel Knife, A.D.C.
Colonel Ducayler
Major Ronnchenberg, A.D.C.
General Tripp van Zouthland
Captain De Lubeck, A.D.C. to H.R.H. the Duke of Brunswick
Earl and Countess of Conyngham and Lady Elizabeth Conyngham.
Viscount Mount-Charles and Hon. Mr. Conyngham (Afterwards 2nd Marquess Conyngham)
Countess Mount-Norris and Lady Julianna Annesley
Countess Dowager of Waldegrave
Lord Fitzroy Somerset and Lady Somerset (Neither were present)
Lord John Somerset and Lady Somerset
Mr. Webster and Lady Frances Webster
Mr. Capel and Lady Caroline Capel and their daughter
Lord George Seymour and Lady Seymour and their daughter.
Mr. Greville and Lady Charlotte Greville
Viscountess Hawarden
Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton and Lady Susan Clinton
Lady Alvanley and Miss Ardens
Sir James Craufurd, Lady Craufurd and their daughter
Sir George Berkeley, K.C.B., and Lady Berkeley
Lady and Miss Sutton
Sir Sidney Smith, Lady Smith, and Miss Rumbolds
Major-General Sir George Johnstone and Lady Johnstone
Quartermaser-General Sir William Howe De Lancey and Lady Howe De Lancey
Hon. Mrs. Pole (Afterwards Lady Maryborough)
Mr. Lance and Mrs. Lance, Mr. Lance jun. and Miss Lance
Mr. Ords and Miss Ords.
Mr. Greathed and Mrs. Greathed.
Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Lloyd
Hon. Sir Charles Stuart, G.C.B. (Minister at Bruxelles) and Mrs. Stuart
His Lordship the Earl of Uxbridge
The Earl of Portarlington
The Earl of March, A.D.C. to H.R.H. the Prince William of Orange
Major General Lord Edward Somerset, G.C.B.
Lord Charles FitzRoy
Lord Robert Manners
Lieutenant-General Sir Rowland Hill, Baron Hill, G.C.B.
Lord Rendlesham
Lord Hay, A.D.C.
Lord Saltoun
Lord Apsley (Afterwards Earl Bathurst)
Hon. Colonel Stanhope (Foot Guards)
Hon. Colonel Abercromby (Foot Guards)
Hon. Colonel Sir Frederick Ponsonby, K.C.B.
Hon Colonel Acheson (Foot Guards)
Hon. Colonel Stewart
Hon. Mr. O. Bridgeman, A.D.C. to Sir Rowland Hill
Hon. Mr. Percival
Hon. Mr. Stopford
Hon. Mr. John Gordon
Hon. Mr. Edgecombe
Hon. Mr. Seymour Bathurst, A.D.C. to General Peregrine Maitland
Hon. Mr. Forbes.
Hon. Mr. Hastings Forbes
Hon Major Dawson
Major-General Sir Hussey Vivian
Mr. Horace Seymour, A.D.C. (afterwards Sir Horace Seymour, K.C.B.)
Colonel Felton Hervey, A.D.C. (Afterwards Sir Felton Hervey, Bt.)
Colonell Fremantle, A.D.C.
Lord George Lennox, A.D.C.
Lord Arthur Hill, A.D.C. (afterwards Gen. Lord Sandys)
Hon. Major Percy, A.D.C. (Son of 1st Earl of Beverley. He brought to Britain the two Eagles captured and Wellington's dispatches)
Hon. Colonel George Cathcart, A.D.C. (Afterwards Sir George Cathcart)
Hon. Colonel Sir Alexander Gordon, A.D.C.
Major-General Sir Colin Campbell, K.C.B., A.D.C.
Major-General Sir John Byng, G.C.B. (Afterwards created Earl of Strafford)
Colonel Sir John Elley, K.C.B.
Sir George Scovelt, K.C.B.
Colonel Sir George Wood
Sir Henry Bradford
Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Robert Chambre Hill, Bt.
Sir Noel Hill, K.C.B.
Major-General Sir William Ponsonby, K.C.B.
Major-General Sir Andrew Barnard
Major-General Sir Denis Pack, G.C.B.
Major-General Sir James Kemp, G.C.B
Sir Pulteney Malcolm
Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton, G.C.B.
Major-General Sir Edward Barnes, Adjutant-General
Sir James Gambier
Hon. General Dundas
Major-General George Cooke
Major-General Peregrine Maitland (Afterwards Sir Peregrin Maitland, G.C.B.)
Major-General Frederick Adam (Not present. Afterwards Sir Frederick Adam, K.C.B.)
Colonel Washington
Colonel Woodford (Afterwards Sir Alexander Woodford, G.C.B.)
Colonel Rowan (Afterwards Sir Charles Rowan, Chief Commissioner of Police)
Colonel Wyndham (Afterwards General Sir Henry Wyndham)
Lieutenent-Colonel Charles Fox Cunning
Colonel Bowater (Afterwards Gen. Sir Edward Bowater)
Colonel Torrens (Afterwards Adjt.-Gen. in India)
Lieutenent-Colonel William Fuller
Lieutenent-Colonel John Cameron of Fassifern
Colonel Barclay, A.D.C. to the Duke of York
Colonel Clement Hill
Major Gunthorpe, A.D.C. to Major-General Peregrine Maitland
Major Churchill, A.D.C.
Major Hamilton, A.D.C. to Gen. Sir Edward Barnes
Major Harris, Brigade Major to Sir Hussey Vivian
Major Hunter Blair
Captain Mackworth, A.D.C. to Sir Rowland Hill
Captain Keane, A.D.C. to Sir Hussey Vivian
Captain. FitzRoy
Captain Widman, A.D.C. to Lord Uxbridge
Captain Fraser, (Afterwards Sir James Frasier, Bt)
Captain Verner
Captain Elphinstone, (taken prisoner June 17)
Captain Webster
Captain Somerset, A.D.C. to Major-General Lord Edward Somerset
Captain Yorke, A.D.C. to Major-General Frederick Adam (Afterwards Sir Charles Yorke, not present)
Captain Gore, A.D.C. to Sir James Kempt
Captain Pakenham
Captain Dumaresq, A.D.C. to Major-General Sir John Byng
Captain Dawkins, A.D.C.
Captain Disbrowe, A.D.C. to Major-General George Cook
Captain Bowles, (Afterwards Gen. Sir George Bowles, Lieutenant of the Tower)
Captain Hesketh
Captain Gurwood (Afterwards Col. Gurwood)
Captain Allix
Mr. Russell, A.D.C.
Mr. Brooke
Mr. Huntley
Mr. Lionel Hervey (In Diplomacy)
Mr. Leigh
Mr. Shakespear
Mr. O’Grady, (Afterwards Lord Guillamore)
Mr. Smith, Brigadier-Major to Sir Denis Pack
Mr. Fludyer,
Mr. Montagus (late Lord Rokeby, G.C.B.)
Mr. A. Greville
Mr. Baird
Mr. Robinson
Mr. James
Mr. Chad
Mr. Dawkins
Dr. Hyde
Mr. Hume
Rev. Mr. Brixall.

I have the honour to be, & c.


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