Finnish war of 1808

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Finnish war of 1808
« on: August 03, 2008, 09:34:52 AM »
Thought I would dig this up from the SVK forums.  I really like the sketches.  Good stuff.

Finnish Troops on the march

Von Döbeln at the battle of Juthas

Von Sandels in his horse before battle

Finnish Infantry Attack

After the Battle

Von Sandels on his horse after the Battle.

General Aldercruetz before the battle

General Adlercruetz before the battle of Oravais

Swedes charge and ambush Russians

"Can I kill some Ruskies too?"

Cossacks attack Swedish Indelta Dragoons

Night Fighting (Probably the most brutal types of figthing there is)

Sven Dufva at the battle of Virtabro (He defended the bridge long enough for the Swedes to draw up their reserves and beat the Ruskies)

Von Sandles after the battle of Virtabro

General Von Döbeln

General Von Döbeln leads his mean to battle

This is my all time favorite picture.

Hard Fighting (Swedish Infantry)


Fallen Swedish Soldier

After the battle

Tending to the Wounded

Von Döbeln's men cheer him. (Does this look firmiliar? lol)
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Re: Finnish war of 1808
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Good stuff. I know little on this battle/war could you fill in some details?

Re: Finnish war of 1808
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I studied after reading this. I do get new knowledge, which is really useful.

Re: Finnish war of 1808
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Glad to have people like and talk like this like me.

Re: Finnish war of 1808
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