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Frequently asked questions or FAQ`s
« on: October 07, 2008, 02:58:58 PM »
1) How do I change low/high specification since it only show up first time I played the game?

In game user path, set the "LOW_RAM 0" in the settings.txt file and save it, next run you will get back the spec popup.

2) Why can I not use the inner zoom?

Running game in low specification removes some performance demanding features in game i.e. hex tinting and inner zoom. See the first question how to change the low/high settings again.

3) I selected the wrong flag on language selection popup and now the game wont start, what should I do?

Instead of reinstalling the game, simply go into settings.txt file in game user path and edit "LANGUAGE 0" and save the file, next run you will get the language popup.

4) I cannot load a PBEM game?

You should pick "Load Multiplayer" NOT "Load Game" in the main menu to load a PBEM.

5) I used a modded scenario and now game does not work. How do I fix it?

Reinstall the game (or latest patch) or just replace the data foldr with a backup one of the original. Furthermore delete the "my documents/Commander Napoleon at War" folder so that game recreates it and recompiles the scenarios.
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