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Great gameplay tips!
« on: October 22, 2009, 08:49:15 AM »
Great tips from Robbie, Slith`s main Betatester, who played this game to death, so knows what he is talking about:

I am having to write most of my suggestions from memory, however since I have played the game so much it is almost ingrained in my mind.

My army selection for the English campaign:
- Keep all original units that you are given and do not change there weapons except to upgrade them to better version of what they have. (i.e. keep your two infantry units armed one with a spear and one with a sword).
- As soon as you can, purchase another archer unit.
- After this I try to purchase at least another 3 infantry units armed as follows: axe, sword, warhammer. Only purchase the next unit once the previous one is armed with at least light armour, a weapon and a shield (sometimes it can be better to arm them all with heavy armour before upgrading).
- Once I have these 8 units (the general, 2 archers and 5 infantry), I now ensure that they are equipped with the best weapons, armour and shields as possible before buying any more. Although you might need another archer unit before upgrading all of these fully.
- From then on I do not think it is that important what units you purchase, although I will tend to ensure that I have at least another archer unit, possibly 2 more, and at least another one or two cavalry units (the second one you only really need when lances become available).
- Ensure every unit is armed with the best weapons possible.

General Tips:
- The best way to fight dismounted knights is with warhammers. A unit armed with warhammers is one of the only ways to defeat dismounted knights with a single unit, even then you tend to have to be a half decent level. I tend to swap the weapons round of the axeman unit and the warhammer unit (mentioned above in army selection) so that the highest level one is armed with the warhammer.
- Always try to ensure that knights armed with lances never get fatigued. Cavalry units that are fatigued cause no trample damage on their first impact, and since lances are only really any good on first impact, you need to try and make sure they have at least a little bit of energy left for that first impact hit.
- It can quite often be good to arm your archers with decent close combat weapons as they will probably at some point end up in combat. If they engage an enemy unit once it has been fighting one of your other units for a while, the chances are the enemy will be fatigued and therefore your archer unit will win the fight. They are especially useful when armed with warhammers and engaging dismounted knights from the side or rear. Since their ranged attacks to very little to such heavily armoured troops, giving them warhammers and charging them into combat can be a good way to defeat the heavily armoured knights.
- In the "Rescue the Hostages" mission as soon as one of your units moves adjacent to the imprisoned units you gain control of them. As soon as they are under your control it doesn't matter how many casualties they suffer, you cannot lose the mission for them taking casualties. Therefore it is a good idea that as soon as you engage the enemy units around them, to send one unit to move adjacent to them.
- Winning the "Fight off French Raiders" mission. As comradep said in a previous post, having four of your best infantry units and placing them in / behind the defensible positions in the village is the best idea. Although one unit preferably with warhammers needs to be placed to the right of the forest on the left side of the village to deal with the dismounted knights that attack there. The way I did it though was to swiftly move all my units up the left side of the village and avoid the charge of the French units down the right side of the village. I move my archers to the north west of the village and shoot the French archers that are north of the village. As the French units move from the right side, round the bottom of the village I use my archers to shoot as many as possible before trying to engage them one-on-one in the village with well placed infantry units. This should hopefully help a bit with this mission.
- Winning Agincourt a bit easier. Before the battle begins I maxed out the remaining slots in my army with as many archers as possible, this usually left me with around 6 archers units in total. You can see what each of the French knights are armed with and so make sure that your spearman units and your cavalry are matched up in line with any French unit with a lance. This should ensure that your units take minimal casualities from trample damage. Then obviously line up the rest of your troops with the rest of the knights, try to use units with warhammers against the most heavily armoued knights. Deploy half of your archers to the left side of your army, and the other half to the right. Advance them up the flanks a couple of squares but so they are still not in the muddy ground. As the enemy units advance, ensure that they first shoot at any unit that is not equipped with a shield, this should ensure that you destroy as many units as possible so you do not have to fight them. Also, any enemy unit that is bogged down, suffers a combat penalty drop so as long as they are not too far away from your main line you can advance out to attack them. Once the knights are destroyed it is a simple matter of arranging your troops so that they fight against units that they will be effective against. This should help a little bit with making this mission easier.
- The easter egg mission took me a while to find and unlock but it is worth getting as an easy way to earn some money to upgrade your troops, aswell as the battlecards that will come in handy.
- I spent all of my skill points for my general to ensure that I could take as many battlecards into the battles as possible, they are very useful at turning the tide of a battle.
- Do not waste battlecards. You can see what units the French have on the map so do not take cards such as "Receive the Charge" if the French have no knights on the map. This wasted slot could be used for a battlecard that can actually be useful in battle.
- I found "Sudden Panic" to be the best battlecard available. If you surround a powerful enemy unit from all sides, cast this card on it, it will have nowhere to retreat to and so will be instantly destroyed completely, ensuring that it does not return to the battle.
- You will tend to find that once you have purchased all upgrades relating to bows for archers that you have a lot of skill points unspent. I tended to spend them on the ward skills which are not weapon specific and will increase archers performance in combat.
- I also found that in the English campaign you only get handguns available and not hand culverins. Although they are powerful against armoured units they have a short range and usually only get off one shot before they are engaged in combat or the enemy engages another unit and so firing at that unit become less effective. That's why I tended to keep my archers with longbows and use them to destoy unshielded enemies and weaker armoured units. Possibly arm them with warhammers and charge them into combat against well armoured troops.

I usually attempted the English campaign on hard and managed to play all the way through. I have tried to respond to all the points that people have brought up in previous posts, I know I have repeated some points that have already been answered but I thought I would answer them anyway. If I have missed out answering anything, please post another message and I will try to check regularly to help answer them.

I will not post any tips regarding the French campaign yet since it appears that most people started by playing the English campaign. If anyone has any questions / needs any tips regarding the French campaign I will try my best to help.

Happy Gaming!