Conquest! Medieval Realms is out.

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Conquest! Medieval Realms is out.
« on: June 04, 2009, 10:06:32 PM »
Although a very small game this one is a fun little puzzle strategy game we have also co-developed, our contribution was quite modest, but we are still happy to see it out!

Conquest! Medieval Realms, developed by Illustrious Software and The Lordz Games Studio, is a turn-based game where the objective is to conquer up to 7 opposing players (either AI players or other human players) by defeating their armies and capturing their lands - to do this you will need to unite all of your lands, build up a powerful economy, and raise armies to defend the homeland and to take lands from your enemies.
Conquest! Medieval Realms, will be packed with hours and hours of clever fun-packed, brain-bending strategy gaming.


• Conquest! is a simple game to learn, but you will need strategy, tactics and cunning if you expect to defeat all of your enemies and rule the world.
• Play as the English or the French in the Hundred Years War, or fight the Wars of the Roses.
• Play games with up to 8 human players across a LAN or the internet.
• Try your skill against 5 levels of AI in the campaign or skirmish modes.
• Randomly generated maps give you billions of potential battlefields to fight on.
• Use the included editors to create your own maps and campaigns

Genre: Puzzle/Strategy
Platform: PC
Release date: March 2009
Setting: Medieval
Languages: English

You can buy the game here:


Conquest! Medieval Realms patch version 1.9 released. This patch includes all previous fixes and changes so is the only patch you need. There are some great fixes and AI improvements in this one so make sure you grab it! You can download the demo or patch from here:

Please note that there are separate patches for the Matrix Games and Slitherine version of Conquest! Medieval Realms. To download the correct patch, select the appropriate link below:

Change History

Fixed bug causing crash when clicking on a map to load in skirmish setup
Fixed bug causing crashes when clicking units after loading a saved game
Fixed bug causing defeat message when a player wins if the turn order has been changed
Fixed bug preventing saved games from loading if turn order is changed
Fixed incorrect button tool tips
Slowed AI moves down so that players get a better idea of what the AI is doing
Updated side panel colours to more closely match map colours

Fixed bug preventing campaign games from being saved

Fixed Tewkesbury map which had missing bridge
Fixed Orleans map which had missing bridge
Fixed bug causing scenario objectives to vanish after loading saved game
Fixed graphical glitches with objective markers
Fixed seed option for random maps - button to enable feature was doing opposite of intended
Various tweaks and improvements to the AI

Changes in v1.4
- Added multiplayer lobby to make it easier to get a game online
- Fixed bugs causing the game to continue running in the background after being closed
- Failing to join a multiplayer game no longer crashes the game
- AI now attempts to protect units which are objectives
- Added tooltips to indicate why buildings are not available when advanced mode is off
- Fixed bug where F1 caused crashes in skirmish games
- Improved error reporting for DirectX crashes
- Fixed bug where a player losing connection could freeze the game for all players
- Fixed various minor bugs which could lead to crashes
- Fixed bug where attempting to set slot 0 (the game host) to open caused a crash

Changes in v1.5
Fixed bug where typing in non-masked text box caused a crash
Reduced video memory usage to prevent out of video memory errors

V1.6 Changes
Fixed bug causing AI to buy units and immediately starve
Failing to init DirectX now displays a message suggesting possible fixes
Fixed various spelling mistakes
Fixed many issues which only occur if playing a second, third, etc game
Fixed bug causing crash dialog to flicker on when quit button is clicked
Fixed bug where rebel mobs could be removed if they exist in a one-tile territory
Added option to include email address for contact to error dialog
When playing through the lobby system, player names are now auto-entered
Player names are now displayed on the stats panel in game
Player name is now remembered between games
Game will now check for newer versions and inform if one is available
Fixed bug allowing players to rename each other
Fixed bug allowing players other than the host to add/remove AI
Fixed bug where AI attempted to build towns on 1-tile territories
Fixed bug in saving/loading which caused a lot of territory numbering bugs
Various minor AI tweaks and improvements

Version 1.7 Changes
Fixed bug on “The Forest” map
Fixed bug where capturing a crossing did not always correctly split territories
Fixed bug where AI could make cavalry without stables
Further improvements to texture handling to reduce video memory issues#

Version 1.8 Changes
Added hotseat multiplayer mode
Added new setting to track AI moves
Added new setting to control speed of AI moves
Fixed thread issues causing "Error during rendering" crashes
Prevented AI from crashing when it fails to combine units
Fixed possible crashes caused by minimap
Fixed crashes which can occur when ending turn
Fixed crashes which can occur when clicking on the map
Fixed crash which can occur when a territory can not be found
Fixed audio bug which was causing CTDs

Version 1.9 Changes
Fixed a couple of bugs causing crashes
Removed save button from network multiplayer pause menu
Added support for saving and loading hotseat multiplayer games

For any questions or technical support go here:

Technical Support
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