CTGW v1.14 Public Beta is now available at Matrix

December 15th, 2012

CTGW v1.14 Public Beta is now available at Matrix.



Hello All,

We have an update in the works for Commander – The Great War. It is in the Matrix Members Club. you will need to Register your game, if it has not been already. It includes a number of fixes for bugs found since release, plus some other changes and new events.
Please give it a try, and let us know how it works for you.

v1.1.4 – Dec 6, 2012

Bug Fixes:

Spelling fixes
Tsaritsyn city location fixed (behind Volga)
Easiest AI (handicapped) will now correctly receive penalty instead of bonus!
Can no longer detach enemy commanders
Map terrain & railroad fixes
Can no longer swap armoured trains to hexes without a railroad
“At War” Commander requirement no longer checked if nation is still neutral.
Evert (Russian Commander) bonus changed to reflect his description.
Calculation of remaining turns for technologies displayed in research tab fixed.
Fixed Italy surrenders message
Fixed Airships inability to attack revealed submarines


German counter colour changed (darker) to differ more from Russians
Convoy kills are counted as naval kills (in stats & Commander requirements)
Combat penalty for amphibious attacks decreased.
1915 Scenario: Entente AI will attempt Gallipoli invasions.
Early submarines deal less damage to convoys.
Anti-sub upgrades rebalanced.
Battleship cost reduction, naval unit upkeep reduced.
Improved opening moves for Austria-Hungary AI, emphasising on outflanking attempt
German AI now pushes harder in France.
Central Powers AI builds more subs.
AI defends the USA and Britain better if these are the only surviving nations.


Morale penalty for disbanding a Battleship + event message.
Capture events for Rome, Milan, Madrid, Sofia & Washington
Several events for Greece””s part in the war.