Rommel’s Panzers strike Battle Academy!

August 10th, 2013

Rommel’s Panzers strike Battle Academy!

The latest expansion for the hit WW2 tactical game is now available!

Epsom, UK – August 06, 2013 – Slitherine ( is proud to announce the release of the new add-on for the award-winning Battle Academy series: Rommel in Normandy.

This latest expansion covers the Normandy Campaign, but this time puts you in control of the Germans and their mighty Tigers, Panthers and much more! Through ten single player battles you will face Allied troops attempting to break through from the coast and you must hold them back with your beleaguered forces and their limited supplies.

This add-on also features 5 great new multiplayer scenarios where you can try out the brand new JagdPanther in combat.

The game is available for PCMac and iPad as an in-app purchase.

We are also releasing the v2.3 patch for Battle Academy which includes new units and objects from the Rommel in Normandy campaign, AI Team movement improvements, Memory optimizations, bugs fixing and much more!

You can download the patch here. iPad users can get the update via iTunes.
A full change list can be found here.

Get more information about Battle Academy: Rommel in Normandy on its official product page.


Rommel in Normandy is an add-on for Battle Academy and requires Battle Academy to play!


About Battle Academy: Rommel in Normandy.

 June 1944: the invasion has begun. 

This time, play the Normandy campaign from the other side and plays as the Germans and their mighty Tigers through ten varied missions.  Take command from the initial chaos of the airborne drops all the way through to the desperate escape from the Falaise pocket and learn the skills required to control an army stretched to its limit by years of war.  Can you master some of the most modern and deadly units of WW2?  Will you struggle to hold the line with battered equipment against the overwhelming mass of the Allied invasion?  Find out in “Rommel in Normandy”!