About Us

The Lordz Games Studio is a privately funded, independent game development studio based out of Luxembourg. Launched in 2006, The Lordz Games Studio, (LGS) is dedicated to developing cross-platform titles that are fun, highly playable and mirror our passion for military history, fantasy and science-fiction. Our mutual interest and goal is developing quality wargames. We share a natural love for war-gaming.

Most company founders share similar roots as they started in the Total War modding community, and helped create some very successful freely available award winning modifications. The Lordz Games Studio was a natural next step up and now we look forward to creating even better products. So we decided the time had come to make a change and we started creating our own range of games.



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Game talent hunting

We always hunt for game talent, especially for motivated people who have written or designed smaller game engines or game projects. We are here to assist other independent developers to bring their games to market.

If you have got programmers but no artists or vice versa, or if you are missing any crucial quality assets to finish your game like: any art, media, music, sound effects, movies, animations, 3D graphics  concept art, etc… or anything else, or if you need design assistance, marketing, business or general advice or you are looking for a good game engine, at The Lordz Games Studio we have the resources and contacts to help you and your game becoming a reality.

At The Lordz Games Studio we offer support, funds, staff, assets and publishing contacts to help and bring your games into the game market and this for all potential game platforms like PC, Mac, iOS, Android or any other platform that could be ideal for your game. If you have any interesting project going and need help, feel free to contact us and we will always have a serious look at it.

Games portfolio developed or co-developed:

  • Commander: Napoleon at War for PC and Mac, 2008
  • Conquest! Medieval Realms for PC, 2009
  • History Great Battles Medieval for PC, PS3, X360, Android and iPad 2010
  • Battle Academy for PC, Mac and iPad, 2010
  • Battle Academy: Blitzkrieg France for PC, Mac and iPad, 2010
  • Panzer Corps: Wehrmacht for PC, 2011
  • Panzer Corps: Grand Campaign DLC`s for PC 2011-2012
  • Conquest! Medieval Realms for Android and iOS, 2012
  • Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps for PC, 2012
  • Commander: The Great War for PC, 2012
  • Panzer Corps Grand Campaign `39-`45 Mega Pack for PC, 2013
  • Panzer Corps: Allied Corps  for PC, 2013
  • Panzer Corps Series for iPad, 2013
  • Tank Battle: East Front series, 1941, iOS: iPhone and iPad, 2014
  • Panzer Corps Series for Steam, 2014
  • Tank Battle: East Front series, 1942, iOS: iPhone and iPad, 2014
  • Tank Battle: East Front series, 1943, iOS: iPhone and iPad , 2014
  • Tank Battle: East Front series, 1944, iOS: iPhone and iPad, 2014
  • Tank Battle: East Front series, 1945, iOS: iPhone and iPad, 2014
  • Tank Battle: East Front complete series,1941- 1945, Mac, 2014
  • Commander: The Great War iPad and Steam, 2014
  • Peninsular War Battles, iOS: iPhone, iPad and Mac, 2014
  • Pike & Shot, PC 2014
  • Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon game series for PC, 2014
  • Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon Vulkan`s Wrath for PC, 2015
  • Sovereignty: Crown of Kings, PC  2015
  • Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon Angels of Death PC, 2015
  • Tank Battle: Normandy, iOS: iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC, 2015


  • Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon Glory of Macragge for PC, 2015
  • Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon game series for iPad, 2015
  • Tank Battle: Blitzkrieg, iOS: iPhone, iPad and Mac, 2015
  • Tank Battle: 1945, iOS: iPhone, iPad and Mac, 2015
  • Panzer Corps: Sea Lion for PC and iPad, 2015
  • Panzer Corps: Soviet Corps for PC and iPad, 2015
  • Stratego Battles (working title), multi-platform game series, 2015
  • Cold War (working title)multi-platform game, 2016
  • Age of Sail (working title), multi-platform game 2016-2017
  • Blue Lotus (working title), multi-platform game, 2016-2017
  • Ancient Art of War: Three Kingdoms (working title), multi-platform, 2016-2017