Panzer Corps: Wehrmacht

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In 1994 Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI) released a title that would change the face of strategy gaming forever. Panzer General delivered an exceptionally easy to learn gameplay system and was such a captivating game that it became a benchmark for future designers for years to come.

In 2011 a project developed by The Lordz Games Studio and Flashback Games and published by Slitherine, will see fans of the series rejoice for the release of Panzer Corps. Following in the footsteps of the popular SSI masterpiece and sharing with the General series the same level of engagement and strategic depth, Panzer Corps will keep an unmistakable “PG feeling” whilst improving and refining the gameplay and balance.

Iain McNeil, director of Development at Slitherine said: “With this game we are trying to bring the golden age of strategy gaming back to its roots. This game is Slitherines homage to one of the greatest strategy titles of all time and we are working hard to ensure we capture the flavor of that masterpiece, yet update it with features and a graphical style that will appeal to a modern strategy gamer”.

Panzer Corps will feature 26 scenarios on 21 unique maps, covering most major battles of the European Theatre of World War II and including a few hypothetical custom scenarios based on your actions.

Tim van der Moer, Managing Director of The Lordz Games Studio said: “There are many World War II strategy games out there, but Panzer Corps will blow you away. We are putting all our efforts to make a memorable game, that can stand the test of time the way Panzer General did”.


The game is absolutely huge:

  • 400 unit types, divided into 19 unit classes with 20 detailed parameters to identify units abilities, 17 terrain types affecting gameplay in various way. Panzer Corps will celebrate the glory days of strategy gaming with the aim of attracting new players to the genre;
  • Campaign: all 26 scenarios are combined into a large campaign tree with several entry points at various stages of the war. Depending on the outcome of each battle (decisive victory, marginal victory or defeat), the player will be faced with different challenges and a progress along different parts of the campaign tree;
  • Nations: all major and many minor nations represented: Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Great Britain, USA, USSR, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Albania, Romania, Greece and more.
  • Core units that travel with you throughout the campaign gaining experience and that can be upgraded as new weapon technologies become available.


Panzer Corps Wehrmacht is a brand new turn-based strategy game that reinvents a classic genre. Produced and developed by a team of experts and brought to perfection by a community of hundreds of fans, the game has evolved over 2 years to become what can be defined as a modern classic!

Set in World War II, Panzer Corps Wehrmacht puts the player in charge of Axis armies, taking their core force with them through the entire war. The use of combined-arms tactics requires each general to make use of the strengths and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents.

Its multiplayer mode, an improved version of Slitherine’s award winning PBEM++ system, allows players to easily find opponents anywhere in the world enjoy playing them with none of the hassle.

Panzer Corps Wehrmacht is designed to replicate the feeling of a classic wargame, but brings it up to 21st century standards and to a whole new generation of gamers.

Developed by The Lordz Games Studio and Flashback Games, published by Slitherine and Matrix Games, Panzer Corps is the ultimate wargaming experience.


Expansions and Extra Content

Check out all the cool and available expansions and extra content for Panzer Corps here:

Panzer Corps Extra Content at Slitherine!

Panzer Corps Extra Content at Matrix!

And remember that all Panzer Corps Extra Content require the base Panzer Corps game!



Press and Reviews

Politik Basis Review:
8/10 – “With Panzer Corps: Wehrmacht the joyful moments are dominant.” Review:
83% – “We have a reincarnation of the classic Panzer General with all the bells and whistles.”

Armchair General Review:
90% – “Overall, PanzerCorps is one of the best “beer and pretzels” turn based wargame releases in years. The game is very polished and stable. It is fun to play.”

Gamer Tell Review:
93% – “In its day, Panzer General was the best introductory WW2 game around and Panzer Corps is a worthy upgrade and addition to the genre.”

CPUGamer Review:
9/10 – “When it comes to being Panzer General, Panzer Corps beats the pants off the competition.”

Gamers Hall Review:
96% and Gold Award!-“Panzer Corps is a solid and loving overhaul of the classic Panzer General.”

Peliplaneetta Review:
90% – “…nothing short of brilliant.” Review:
8/10 “Whether you””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””re Panzer General-veteran or a beginner who wants to try a serious strategy game without the absurd amount of detail and a rule book with the same number of pages that the Bible is, Panzer Corps is a very good buy.”

Warfare and Wargaming Review:
8.5/10 “Panzer Corps has successfully delivered a blitzkrieg of entertainment for strategy gamers everywhere.

RTSguru Review
9/10 “This was seriously one of the best games that we have ever played. If you do not pick this up, you are missing out”
GameShark Review
A-(90%) and GameShark Editor`s Choice Award: “Now that the official review is complete, if this were any other game it would go on the shelf next to other games that have been “finished” but I have every intention of firing it up again.”

GameSquad Review
85% “Panzer Corps is a wonderful tribute to the days of deep but easy to play wargames. Really, if you have ever wanted to get into wargaming but were scared off by the more hardcore fare out there, this is perfect opportunity.”

Entertainment Depot Review
9/10 and Editors Choice Award: “Panzer Corps is an engaging, addictive title that has seen and will continue to see many hours of play for some time to come. Highly recommended.”

Polish Onet Review
9/10 “Panzer Corps is enjoyable, heart melting, a sentimental journey to the times we were younger, had more time, less worries and games… games were better.” Review
8/10 “Panzer Corps manages 15 years after Panzer General to capture the exact same sentiment, and the gameplay still works just as well.”

The Wargamer Review
“Matrix, Slitherine and the Lordz Games Studios have done a superlative job not only of reviving a classic but improving it while keeping the original feel.”

PC4War Review
8/10 Front cover an 10 page review and interview on PC4War! “All honors to the developers as they restored an gaming masterpiece based on a proven concept and on deeply tactical gameplay.”

Gamespot Review
8/10 “Panzer Corps is a great turn-based strategic wargame that captures Panzer General””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””s deep and involving classic gameplay.” “Panzer Corps is a rare gem.”

Lookie Review
85% This successful remake of a great classic should be missed by no strategy gamer!

Gameokratie Review
Panzer Corps is a thoroughly enjoyable game that will give all Hobby Generals great fun. My advice: buy it yourselves now!

PC Games Review
85% and PC Games Award: Strategically and tactically challenging combat.

7idgaming Review
88% A great strategy game with addictive gameplay and high replay value.

Digitally Downloaded Review

Digitally Downloaded 4 stars out of 5

As a labour of love, it’s good to be able to say “Panzer General is back!” 4 stars out of 5!

Gamestar Review

Gamestar Gold Award
Panzer Corps is brilliant. 85% Gamestar Gold Award!
(German game magazine also published in Hungary, Czech Republic and China, Gamestar has an average monthly circulation of over 250,000 copies and is therefore the best sold PC computer game magazine in Europe)

Review on

4Players Gold Award
86% (Very Good) and Gold Medal – A thoroughly successful and addictive remake of Panzer General – tactical, complex, very good!

The Reticule Preview
You will find a game which is deeply layered and very involving. Preview
In summary, it seems that The Lordz Games and Slitherine did everything right, because Panzer Corps combines the strong points of the original Panzer General with the ease of modern convenience. If this first impression survives a second glance will be determined in a full review soon.