Panzer Corps: U.S. Corps ’42, `43 and 44-`45


It’s been almost a year since Germany and Italy declared war on the United States: plans have been made and now General Eisenhower is ready to launch Operation Torch and enter the North African theatre. By landing on several spots in Morocco and Algeria the American army plans to cut through the forces of the Vichy regime and then head eastwards, where they will face the remnants of the Italo-German army in Tunisia. It’s time to chase the Axis out of Africa forever…


The first instalment of a mega campaign covering the entire African and European campaigns of the United States. Carry over your troops to US Corps ’43  and US Corps ’44-’45!


US Corps ’42, US Corps ’43 and US Corps ’44-`45  are expansions for Panzer Corps and it requires Panzer Corps to be played


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