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Our own Game Series Websites
Created in 2011, this website is dedicated to our Commander games series.
Created in 2010, this website is dedicated to our Panzer Corps games series.


Created on the 4th of July 2000, Slitherine is a privately funded and independent game publisher and developer based out in the UK. The team are all industry professionals with experience dating back to the early 1990”s. In 2010 Slitherine merged with Matrix and took over AGEOD in 2012 to form one of the largest historic wargame specialized publishers in the world.

Matrix Games
Matrix Games has been in business for many years as one of the market leaders publishing wargames, with a strong basis in the USA. It recently merged with Slitherine and formed the Slitherine Group.

AGEOD main goal is offering to players original cultural and gaming creations developped by small independent studios and producers that have trouble finding an outlet within the traditional organization of the market. AGEOD is part of The Slitherine Group.

Games Workshop
Games Workshop, Limited is a British game production and retailing company. Games Workshop is best known as developer and publisher of the tabletop wargames Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.

Royal Jumbo
Royal Jumbo is a Dutch company that develops, manufactures and has been selling toys, games and puzzles since 1853. Jumbo is part of the JUMBODISET group, a strong European toy company.

Hunted Cow
Hunted Cow are developers of many popular web-based and iOS games.

HexWar was been supplying games to gamers since 10th April 2004. Specialized in producing digital board, hex and card games for multi-platform environments.

Illustrious Software
Illustrious Software is a games development company with a keen interest in computer gaming, and a desire to produce quality games which will appeal to a wide variety of gamers.

Osprey Publishing
Osprey Publishing has been providing books for military and historical enthusiasts since 1968 and since then it has grown, evolved and taken on new challenges until it stands today as one of the most successful examples of niche publishing around.

Mariusz Kozik freelance concept artist
Mariusz Kozik or better known as Lacedemon, is a very talented freelance concept artist.


Links of Interest


Field of Glory
Field of Glory is a wargaming rules system that uses model figures and terrain to recreate the great battles of the Ancient and Medieval world, written by some of the biggest names in the wargaming community, including the co-author of the popular DBM rules, Richard Bodley Scott. Field of Glory is the first set of wargames rules that has been designed for and made available to a wide audience and will be available from traditional Hobby outlets to mass market booksellers. The game is set to revolutionize historical wargaming.

For Freedom Museum
It all started many years ago…..with a childhood dream. Being children of a British soldier who came to continental Europe during the Overlord D-Day campaign the Jones brothers were raised with stories from the near past. They grew up with facts about some of the darkest years in modern history.The collection of Freddy Jones started with the army-outfit of his father and grew out to something unseen. An incredible and almost unmatched collection of authentic weapons, gear and outfits.