Gaming activities as well as gambling have been recognized to share same aesthetic, features and structural levels. This is true particularly with the onset of online gaming and gambling. Research that goes decades back put emphasis on the similarities.

It will keep on Evolving

Through continuous technological development, it allowed digital media to be easily shared across vast networks and various devices, which is referred as digital convergence.

There’s been a huge concern towards the structural boundaries between gambling and gaming and there are circumstances in which this becomes kind of blurry and crossing the line.

According to research, there are overlaps between gaming and gambling that becomes so indistinguishable to the point that hybrid gambling embraced and integrated some features of gaming and vice versa.

Is a Line has been Crossed?

As a matter of fact, there are 5 major kinds of converges between gambling and gaming and these are:

  1. Introduction of the elements of gambling to social media games
  2. Using features of social gaming to online gambling websites
  3. Gamification of the non-gambling type games to which people have the chance to win items that has value
  4. Consolidating similar games on sites that are primarily non-monetary in nature and;
  5. Cross marketing of the online gambling websites to social casino players