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The concept behind sports betting is to bet against bookies on what you think the result is going to be. Then after, you make your bet, you watch the game and wait for the outcome.

There are literally countless of bets and markets to be chosen from.

Sportsbooks are covering all of the major sporting events such as tennis, basketball, hockey, soccer, football and the likes. On the other hand, lesser popular choices such as handball, esports, politics and so forth can be difficult to find.

There’s Something for Everybody

Most people will never be just recreational bettors. Basically, sports betting is among the most difficult thing to learn for no one is up to teach it. This is because there is no advantage to making profitable bettors.

Don’t lose hope though for if you make straight bets, you are on your way to getting 50/50 win. Still, there is the chance to lose money if you’re just breaking even; mainly because of the vig.

To give you a better idea, the bets and experienced sports bettors have 53 to 60 percent win rates.

So why Sports Betting?

Sports betting is for everyone but if you want to turn it into a living, you need to practice, dedicate time, analyze and specialize in the sport that you are really interested in.