Lottery corporations worldwide have integrated both adult as well as childhood games into scratch cards. Game themes similar to Scrabble, Twister, Monopoly, Bingo and the likes can be found and bought easily on the nearest store. These days, even casinos included a lot of digital technology from gaming industry into their platform.

Gaming and Gambling as One?

The convergence between gambling and gaming is without a doubt noticed and there is a constant rise in social casino type games. Clearly, these games are stimulating numerous features of a real gambling activity while others let players to spend their money to keep on playing.

Experts and researches come to a conclusion that these games could be offered to be a separate product or might be directly linked to gambling product regardless if it is online or offline. However, what most people are concerned about is, many of the online gambling practice websites with simulated gambling activities have really high payout.

And this effectively keeps people glued in front of their screen playing.

Play Responsibly

Social games stayed extremely popular with nearly 3 billion active video game players playing worldwide. Structural characteristics of such social casino games are almost perfectly mimicking conventional gambling games and might just serve as the gateway to pre-gambling training ground.