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Let us face the fact that gambling is a nice past time, a cool hobby too if well regulated. This at the same time gives the person the chance to temporarily escape their reality. You may forego of your responsibilities and obligations for few hours.

Have Control on Yourself

It seems a nice activity to be in right? Of course it is, but so long as you’re doing it in moderation. Else, one wrong move and it will start to consume the life out of you.

Don’t Intoxicate Yourself

To avoid irresponsible gambling, one rule to always remember is to not gamble when intoxicated. Alcohol and drugs are impairing your ability to react fast and think. You suddenly become a danger not just to yourself but also, to everyone else around you.

In this case, why would you still carry on gambling? The simple act to do is to stop if you can’t react or think. There is a big chance that you would do some stupid things that you will regret later on. Since you are not thinking straight, you may just forget the rules of the game that you are playing or even tell opponents or spectators the card that you are holding.