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The types of hardware that you would need in building your gaming pc might be less important than the budget you have. There are countless of factors that can be considered before buying. This can make your shopping easy and hard; easy in a way that you have plenty of options and hard for the same reason.

That One Question

To get started though, you would need to figure out what kind of games you will play on your rig most often. This question alone is going to help big time in narrowing down the hardware required for it.

Besides, this makes it easier to come up with a decision.

The Games You Play Dictates Your Computer’s Specifications

To give you an example, if you only play older games such as Rainbow Six Siege or Overwatch, then your gaming pc does not need to be really hyped up to enjoy the best graphics. As a matter of fact, you may go with specs like AMD Radeon 5700, Nvidia 2060 SUPER and such. Similarly, midrange processors similar to AMD Ryzen 3600 or Intel i5 9600 K can do the trick.

Of course, your spec sheet will vary as you shoot for more graphic intensive games and newer ones.