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By this time now, you are most certainly aware that gaming is extremely popular. But the question is, do you know some of the statistics around on what people are playing and who are these people?

Be Surprised with the Data

In a survey performed back in 2017, the following information was discovered:

  • 29 percent of active players are under 18
  • 27 percent range between 18 to 35
  • 19 percent were around 36 to 49 and;
  • 26% are 50 years old and above

If you’d acknowledge the last line, it’s obvious that gamers who began playing around 20 years ago are pure enthusiasts.

In addition to that, the survey takes into consideration gender and as you may expect, 59 percent of the gamers are men and 41 percent are women. What is even more interesting is that, there are more women who are actually 18 years old and above while 31 percent in men are under 18.

A Change in the Dynamics

One thing that the internet gave to gamers is the capability to create groups or communities that could have a voice on how games should be designed and to how players could interact with the elements used in the game whether negatively or positively.