Finding and Building a Gaming PC

A great PC gaming setup doesn’t have to break the bank. With sufficient planning, you can build a cool rig for cheap. Allow me to guide you tips in building your budget-friendly dream machine.

Think on What You Need:

Want to Play Games

Check the recommended specs for games you like. This post will help you choose a CPU, GPU, and RAM for your system.

Goals for Resolution and Frame Rate

Do you like 1080p and 60 FPS, or do you want better visuals? Your GPU choice is affected.

Finding Perfect Parts

CPU, Motherboard

PCs’ CPUs are their central processing units. Consider AMD Ryzen or Intel Core processors for your budget and games. Choose a CPU socket-compatible motherboard.

GPU for Handling Graphics Processing

Find a card that meets game minimums. Pre-owned options offer great value. For most games, 8GB RAM is fine. Choose 16GB for future compatibility or multitasking.


An SSD ensures fast and responsive performance, especially for your operating system and favorite games. Traditional hard drives can hold more games.

Assembling All the Parts Together

PC cases come in many sizes and styles. ATX cases provide extensive customization and tinkering. However, tiny ATX cases are great for smaller builds. Building a PC can be frightening, but don’t worry! Take your time and use resources as needed.


Building a PC on a budget requires research and smart component choices. However, building your own gaming computer and playing high-quality games at a low cost is incredibly rewarding. Prepare for an amazing trip as you gather your tools, research, and build your dream PC!